I very much wanted to write to you to thank you so very much for the enormous trouble you took with me and my broken arm. You really cared, for that I am very grateful.

Dear Mr Sundaram. I am writing to thank you and the whole team that looked after me throughout the morning. I realise it was a small procedure and that I was only in hospital for a short time but please don’t underestimate the impact that your care and thoughtfulness and that of your team has on the people coming into your department.

It is difficult to express adequately my feelings of gratitude to you for your telephone call this evening. Thank you so much for such a caring call and for the last appointment with you.

Dear Mr Sundaram, many thanks for doing a wonderful job on my back. It’s great to be pain free and mobile again. Well done!

Dear Mr Sundaram, without your intervention my prognosis would have been very poor. With gratefully thanks for saving my life.

Dear Mr Sundaram, thank you for all that you have done for my mother-in-law and myself, words cannot describe my utmost appreciation.

Dear Mr Sundaram. I feel I have to write to thank you very much indeed for giving me back my life after feeling wretched for so long. Days and nights are now a total joy.

Dear Mr Sundaram. I felt I had to write to thank you and your colleagues for all the care and support which I was given during the time I was with your care….

I saw a patient today, who said that you were ‘just wonderful, so helpful’ , she felt properly listened to, and although she’s still in pain she feels you have really helped and she has great confidence in you. It’s not often patients volunteer such things spontaneously, so I thought you’d like to know.

Dear Mr Sundaram, My apologies for not writing to you earlier to express my gratitude for your kind and sympathetic treatment of my spinal condition over the last 2 years. I have been very impressed with your high standards, your professionalism and the efficiency of your team at the Nuffield Hospital. With appreciation for all your kindness.

I can only speak as I find and the service and attention I have had has been excellent and very friendly which was important to me and my family. I would like to thank all the staff who have been involved at the hospital especially, of course Mr Sundaram. I am grateful for his skills and his care.

Just a quick note to say thank-you for looking after me so well. I am now 6 weeks post microdiscectomy and well. My leg symptoms associated with neck flexion cleared almost instantly and my leg pain continues to settle. I am hoping to be back to work in August and looking forward to normality.

I saw Mr Sundaram at The Winfield Hospital, Gloucester. Consultation, surgery and aftercare were second to none. Would recommend Mr Sundaram without hesitation.

Please mention to Mr Sundaram that I am feeling virtually pain free at the time of writing this and deeply appreciative of his expertise in administrating the injections.

Dear Mr Sundaram. Just a small note to say a huge thank you for helping me to be more active. The nerve block was less traumatic than I thought.

I felt it necessary to express my personal gratitude to your colleague Mr Sundaram for the excellent care and treatment provided to my mother Mrs……..; he has given my mother better quality of life and I am truly grateful for what he has done

Thank you so much Mr Sundaram for understanding how much pain I have been in and for your quickness in trying to get it sorted for me in such a short period of time. I really appreciate what you have done for me.

Dear Mr Sundaram. You carried out a procedure at Gloucester hospital on the 23rd July to help alleviate my sciatica pain for L4/5 vertebrae left side. For the first time in many months I am pain free and I feel tremendously indebted to you for your skill together with that of you excellent team, which is making such a huge difference to my life. Thank you so very much.

To Mr Sundaram. Thank you for making me better. It was the best feeling ever when I woke up in recovery and all the pain had gone. A miracle I didn’t think could happen. Thank you so much.

To Mr Sundaram and his team. Thank you from the bottom of heart my operation has changed things so much in such a short time, compared to how I felt before, life is amazing. I can now carry on with being ‘mum’ to my amazing family. Thank you so much…

I write the email to thank you so very much for carrying out my procedure on Tuesday of this week. I applaud you for your professionalism. I am overjoyed in the way that every member of your staff looked after me in manner that was exceptional, this, for which I am extremely grateful.

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