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What our patients say

I very much wanted to write to you to thank you so very much for the enormous trouble you took with me and my broken arm.  You really cared, for that I am very grateful.


Mr Sundaram, thank you for everything you have done for me.   Thank you very much.


Mr Sundaram, thank you so much for apparently creating a ‘Lazereth’


Dear Mr Sundaram,  Many thanks to you and your staff for performing a successful operation on my back.  My recovery is going well.  I hope to bet back to working and enjoying life again very soon.  I look forward to seeing you again.


Dear Mr Sundaram.  Thank you for all your excellent care.


Dear Mr Sundaram.  I am writing to thank you and the whole team that looked after me throughout the morning.  I realise it was a small procedure and that I was only in hospital for a short time but please don’t underestimate the impact that your care and thoughtfulness and that of your team has on the people coming into your department.


Dear Mr Sundaram,  I am writing to thank you for your advice and suggestions.


I can only speak as I find and the service and attention I have had has been excellent and very friendly which was important to me and my family.  I would like to thank all the staff who have been involved at the hospital especially, of course Mr Sundaram.  I am grateful for his skills and his care.


It is difficult to express adequately my feelings of gratitude to you for your telephone call this evening.  Thank you so much for such a caring call and for the last appointment with you.


Dear Mr Sundaram,  many thanks for doing a wonderful job on my back.  It’s great to be pain free and mobile again.  Well done!


Dear Mr Sundaram,  thank you for all that you have done for my mother-in-law and myself, words cannot describe my utmost appreciation.


Dear Mr Sundaram,  without your intervention my prognosis would have been very poor.  With gratefully thanks for saving my life.


Dear Mr Sundaram, thank you for your excellent diagnosis and treatment for all that has happened to me.


I found Mr Sundaram very professional in every way and he recommended an injection to assist the pain.


I saw a patient today, who said that you were ‘just wonderful, so helpful’ , she felt properly listened to, and although she’s still in pain she feels you have really helped and she has great confidence in you.  It’s not often patients volunteer such things spontaneously, so I thought you’d like to know.


Dear Mr Sundaram.  I felt I had to write to thank you and your colleagues for all the care and support which I was given during the time I was with your care….


Dear Mr Sundaram.  I feel I have to write to thank you very much indeed for giving me back my life after feeling wretched for so long.  Days and nights are now a total joy.


Mr Sundaram.  Many thanks for the treatment I received from you.


Dear Mr Sundaram.  I just wanted to write to say thanks for your thorough assessment and kind reassurance following my recent back injury.  I am really very grateful to you for taking the mechanism of injury seriously and for organising such a prompt MRI scan.


Dear Mr Sundaram.  Just a small note to say a huge thank you for helping me to be more active.  The nerve block was less traumatic than I thought.


Dear  Mr Sundaram.  I would very much like to thank you and your excellent team for the surgical work that was done for me.  My problem was as degenerative disc L5/S1 with a prolapse impinging my sciatic nerve.  I was experiencing extreme pain and my walking was limited to only a few yards.  Thank you immensely for the restoration of my normal life style.  I have walked in the woodland, repaired cars, walked miles and even won a trophy for sailing in a championship.  So ‘praise where praise is due.’  Please pass on my regards to all those involved for without them and yourself I would be crippled.  Thank you.


She came singing the praises of Mr Sundaram who has turned her life around with spinal surgery.


Thank you for your help and advice.


Mr Sundaram and his clinic staff, I can’t thank them enough for the care and attention they gave my son….


I felt it necessary to express my personal gratitude to Mr Sundaram for the excellent care and treatment provided to my mother.  He has give my mother better quality of life and I am truly grateful for what he has done.


Just a little thank you…. to say thank you very much!


Mrs ……….  would like to pass on her thanks to Mr Sundaram for all his care and support in the past.


Dear Mr Sundaram.  Thank you for seeing me last Monday and giving me reassurance on the questions I put to you.  I’m very grateful to you for dealing with these concerns.


To Mr Sundaram.  Thank you for making me better.  It was the best feeling ever when I woke up in recovery and all the pain had gone.  A miracle I didn’t think could happen.  Thank you so much.


Thank you for your help and advice


Dear Mr Sundaram.  I would like to thank you for performing the recent decompression surgery on my neck and your careful preparation prior to the operation, which gave me the confidence I needed. The care and consideration shown by you and your team were in themselves a zone of excellence! I am delighted to be already receiving some benefits from your skills and I am hoping to continue in this way until I see you at our next consultation.


We first made your acquaintance at an excellent talk you delivered at the Cobalt Unit last April. On the strength of that when ……………, who has been a patient of ours with various problems for many years, did not respond in her usual fashion to our osteopathic treatment, we referred her to your department.  We have just been in contact with her and are delighted to hear that she responded so well to your surgery. She spoke very highly of your expertise and “bedside manner”.  Thought you would appreciate the feedback!
Mrs……..would like to pass on her thanks to Mr Sundaram for all his care and support in the past.


In December 2013 Mr Sundaram performed a spinal operation on me and when I last saw him in February I was still in considerable discomfort and still walking with the aid of a mobility trolley. I have been meaning to drop Mr Sundaram an email for some time just to let him know that after many sessions of hydrotherapy recommended by the in house physiotherapy team that he passed me to and I have made a full recovery and continue to do so with the result that I am walking now a lot more strongly and have resumed light work outs at the gym so I am building up my fitness and strength in my back.

So from the bad place I was in last year and to some extent after the Op I have got back my positivity so please pass on my gratitude to Mr Sundaram for his skill and treatment.

Kind regards


I felt it necessary to express my personal gratitude to your colleague Mr Sundaram for the excellent care and treatment provided to my mother Mrs……..; he has given my mother better quality of life and I am truly grateful for what he has done


I do thank you very much for all your time explaining everything to me.  It is all very much appreciated.


Thank you so much Mr Sundaram for understanding how much pain I have been in and for your quickness in trying to get it sorted for me in such a short period of time.  I really appreciate what you have done for me.


Just a quick note to say thank-you for looking after me so well.  I am now 6 weeks post microdiscectomy and well.  My leg symptoms associated with neck flexion cleared almost instantly and my leg pain continues to settle.  I am hoping to be back to work in August and looking forward to normality.


Please mention to Mr Sundaram that I am feeling virtually pain free at the time of writing this and deeply appreciative of his expertise in administrating the injections.


Mr Sundaram, Thank you for your kind attention.


To Mr Sundaram, Thank you very much for looking after me and getting me back on my feet after my back operation.


Dear Mr Sundaram.  You carried out a procedure at Gloucester hospital on the 23rd July to help alleviate my sciatica pain for L4/5 vertebrae left side.  For the first time in many months I am pain free and I feel tremendously indebted to you for your skill together with that of you excellent team, which is making such a huge difference to my life.  Thank you so very much.


Thank you for you help in arranging ……….. operation and for her successful surgery.


Mrs ….. does speak very highly of your care and expertise, for which she is most grateful.


Thank you very much for arranging the consultation with Mr…….. for  Mrs…….. and for keeping me so well informed.  I know she is very appreciative of the professional care and attention she has received from you.


Dear Mr Sundaram and team.  Since my last visit on the 20th December for spinal injections I have began to feel some improvement and starting to feel like my old self again.  Huge thanks to you and the team.  Best wishes…


To Mr Sundaram and his team.  Thank you from the bottom of heart my operation has changed things so much in such a short time, compared to how I felt before, life is amazing.  I can now carry on with being ‘mum’ to my amazing family.  Thank you so much…


How grateful I am to you again by making me well and free from pain!


I write the email to thank you so very much for carrying out my procedure on Tuesday of this week.  I applaud you for your professionalism.  I am overjoyed in the way that every member of your staff looked after me in manner that was exceptional, this, for which I am extremely grateful.


Dear Mr Sundaram.  I want to thank you SO, SO much for providing such fantastic treatment for my spine.  Thank you especially for explaining everything so clearly and discussing the pros and cons of the various options.  I felt completely safe in your hands when you did my surgery.  The results are fantastic!  Much better than I dared hope for and my quality of life is so much better.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am!  I feel very luck to have had you as a my surgeon.


Mr Sundaram and his team, Wishing you a very, very Happy Christmas……from a very very grateful patient.


Thank you so much for your speedy, professional and kind intervention.


Thank you so much for caring understanding and advice regarding my spine problem.  It was a relief to know that there are ways of alleviating the very real discomfort.


Dear Mr Sundaram,  Thank you very much for helping me get my life back!  I am very grateful to be pain free and can now function normally again.  Best wishes….